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Future Students – Drivon School of Law
(209) 478-0800

Future Students

Welcome, Future Attorneys

Congratulations on your acceptance!

You are now part of the capable and diverse student body at San Joaquin College of Law. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds–teaching, public service, business, science, law enforcement–bringing a broad range of perspectives to the study of law that enhances not only their own learning experience but also the education of their peers. The Juris Doctor program at San Joaquin College of Law seeks to create a program of legal education which produces graduates who are highly skilled individuals who can contribute to the development of legal and social institutions and to the integrity of the legal system. San Joaquin College of Law serves Central California and beyond as a center of professional legal education and scholarly discourse.

To get ready for Fall classes follow these steps:

1. Get Financing for School

Eligibility for federal student aid is based on several factors ( Learn More). The financial aid office at SJCL will determine your eligibility based on your submission of the Federal FAFSA and SJCL Financial Aid Application. Click here to apply for financial aid.

2. Look up Your SJCL Account Information

Now that you have been accepted to SJCL, you can use the SJCL Connect page (You will be notified by email when it is ready for your use) to access your SJCL account information. This information will be needed to access all of the online resources for SJCL. For instructions on using SJCL Connect click here.

3. Access Your Student Email

Students are assigned an email address at the beginning of the first semester. All information regarding your enrollment at SJCL (grades, canceled classes, financial aid, exams, etc.) is communicated through your SJCL student email address. It is recommended you check it regularly.

You can access your student email account online at http://studentmail.sjcl.edu.

4. Register for Classes Online

Check back for online registration dates (Typically the week before orientation). Instructions for registration will be mailed and emailed to you in July. You will register here https://sw.sjcl.edu/myportal/studsect.cfm.

5. Fill out the First Year Student Forms

Please complete the First Year Forms (Listed under First Year Files to the right) and return the first night of orientation.

6. Go to Orientation (First Week Schedule)

For your first week only your schedule will be as follows (Room Assignments will be posted at the bottom of the stairs.)